A swoon at consultation day

This sign is at the front gate of the hospital, showing all the medical procedures that are available.

On Tuesday, which is consultation day at the hospital, Josh and I were observing one of the doctors who was checking out a little girl with club foot. I hadn’t slept much the night before (due to jet lag). I started to feel very faint and the room started going black. I looked at Josh and apparently he could tell that I wasn’t doing too well. I told him I had to step outside and I went straight to a chair to put my head in between my knees. Normally this cures me when I feel dizzy or faint, but after a few minutes, when I lifted my head up again, everything turned black again.

I felt bad because a couple of nurses (who were tending to the real patients) came to take care of me! I went to the guest house where we’re staying to lie down for a bit. After resting a while, I was able to get my vision and equilibrium back. I think there was a mix of reasons why that happened. Besides the 40+ degree heat, it was consultation day, which means new patients can come to see if they’re eligible for operations and treatment. So there were about 50 people (kids with their families) in the waiting area with all kinds of disabilities: club foot, cleft lip, burns, etc. I saw a baby girl who was only 10 days old (and smaller than any newborn I’ve ever seen!) with cleft lip.

It was heartbreaking to see all the suffering children. One boy (about 14 yrs old) was standing in the corner of the room and when I walked by, he turned in to the pole that he was leaning on to bury his face, which I then saw was burned so badly that I think he was missing an eye. I approached him to say hello and shake his hand. He seemed startled because, as the medical director was telling us, they’re not used to being out in public. Handicapped children are often hidden away by their families for fear of ridicule and judgment.

So I was taking all of this in and feeling all kinds of emotions when we went in to the small, very hot room with the doctor and several nurses and the little girl with club foot. I think it all just hit me at once and made me feel very weak. But I think I’ll get better at it and I hope and pray that I can be strong for the next consultation day!

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5 Responses to A swoon at consultation day

  1. Tamira says:

    That is a lot to process on day three. Love and miss you and very proud of you !Tamira

  2. Rana says:

    Hugs and kisses, and prayers for strength headed your way….you just need some time to adjust. You will be great! Xoxoxoxoxo

  3. Nomi PB says:

    Love and miss you… I bet that by the end of the month you will be hard-pressed to find a medical procedure that will leave you swooning. Hang in there!

    • Noms, I think I am getting better at handling all the medical stuff already! It’s awesome to be a part of what the doctors are doing… and I think it will help me to be better at understanding them on a therapeutic level as well. Love you and miss you tons!

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