Home is where the slip ‘n slide is

Our cute front door

Walkway to our front door

We moved into our house a week ago and it’s been wonderful. Our shipment hasn’t come yet, but we have the basics that we need to get by. Or almost! We’ve stuffed clothes into pillow cases to make padding for our heads and I made cookies yesterday by mixing the ingredients in a water pitcher! But our shipment should hopefully be here soon and we’ll be able to set things up. Meanwhile, I wanted to post some pictures of the outside of our house. (I’ll post interior pictures when it’s not so bare). We have a nice big patio. Josh and I want to put a slip ‘n slide down across it. It’s perfect because it’s nice and smooth tile and it’s long enough, and it would be fun!

 We have two papaya trees and I want to see what I can do about planting a mango tree! We also have some mint and basil plants. We are now in the process of planting some vegetables: tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, and okra. We have a lot of friends who come visit us regularly… crickets and lizards. The other day, a massive outdoor lizard found his way in and was hanging out on our couch. I took a picture of it (below) but this does not do it justice! I put Josh’s shoe next to it (not to hit it!) but just to compare the size. Josh wears a size 11 1/2 and the lizard was the same length!

Right outside our house, we have everything you could possibly need! Literally right next door is our favorite boulangerie. They make the best baguettes we’ve had yet. Down the road are fruit and vegetable stands, little grocery stores, meat-grilling stands, artisans selling Tuareg jewelry, pottery, material, leather goods, etc. Walking to any of these places takes just a few minutes. It’s amazing though, walking through the hot-hot sand… sometimes your flip flop kicks some sand up in between your foot and your shoe and it is SCALDING hot! It’s like when you’re at the beach and you’re running from point A to point B because your feet can’t take the heat. It’s just remarkable to me that this happens when I’m on my way to buy some fruit!

just chillin'

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24 Responses to Home is where the slip ‘n slide is

  1. Julie, your house looks beautiful on the outside, can’t wait to see the interior! We’re in a camp here in Sierra Leone, bedrooms are individually standing buildings, I miss having a house to walk from one room to another but we’re enjoying it. Looking forward to hearing more about what you both are doing, are there CURE hospitals in Sierra Leone?

    • Thanks Kristina! I love that we can keep up with each other now through our blogs! I also can’t wait to learn more about all that you guys are doing! It looks amazing! CURE doesn’t have a hospital in Sierra Leone now, but they might eventually build one there! So you think you guys might ever be in Niger for any reason??? Or can you make a reason, like coming to visit us?! 🙂

  2. Jera Verboom says:

    love reading all of your posts! love your house!

  3. Jamie says:

    Great house, Julie! I love all your gardening options. I’m doing the same as you…waiting to post pics of our new place until it’s not so bare.

  4. Bob and Eddie Fields says:

    I’m thankful you have green around you! Glad you are planning a vegetable garden! Love seeing your car too. Grandpa Bob We are proud of you both
    We pray for you both every morning and every evening and are so excited about where you are and who you are! The pictures of the children are amazing,. The work of the hospital is so needed and so life changing for those precious chidren a real blessing to be a part of their healing. We are so thankful you are there!!!! Grandma Eddie echoed by Grandpa Bob


    • We love all the greenery too! Thankfully, the other day our guard sprayed the whole yard so to keep the mosquitoes away. Since then, we haven’t seen any! We are praying for you and missing you so much! Love you!

  5. sue says:

    I love all the beautiful greenery around your house! The lizard on the couch…not so much!’

  6. Joe Korn says:

    I love the front porch and the view out towards all the green. Its really beautiful!

  7. Kay Cass says:

    Hi Julie, I have so enjoyed seeing the pictures of your new home and reading your blogs about what God has you doing. Beautiful and interesting. I know you are a blessing there. Keep sending the pictures and the narratives. We love you.

    • Hi Kay! Thank you for your encouraging words. It’s been such a great experience and we’ve been learning a lot! I hope you and Wayne are doing well. Miss you and love you very much!

  8. Emily Fussner says:

    What a lovely home! It’s so good to hear how well you are settling in there. When we lived in Indonesia, our last house also had a long tile patio and my brothers would just clear off the furniture and wet it down with the hose to slip’n’slide. So yes, you should totally do it. 🙂 Love and miss you Julie and Josh!

    • It’s funny that you say that your brothers just wet the patio because we were talking about doing that too! 😉 Dear Sweet Emily! How are you?.. Josh showed me the picture of the 3D paper sculpture you made and I nearly fell on the floor! It’s absolutely gorgeous! So do you think you can squeeze in a visit to Niger sometime?! We would love to have you! Miss you and love you tons!

  9. Laura Blystra says:

    I would NOT be okay with a lizard hanging out on my couch! Yikes! Glad you handled that and I’m sure it won’t be the last time! 🙂 I’m loving all the pics and stories on your blog. Thanks for sharing! The hippo ones from today were great!

    • Thanks, Laura! Yesterday I was washing the dishes and I felt something on my head.. I put my hand up to check and a cricket flew off. Ahhh! I hope you guys are doing well and that you’re feeling great. Can’t believe I’ll get to meet a new member of the family next time I’m home! 🙂

  10. Tamira says:

    I’m really lovin’ the bloggin’
    Fraid you may grow weiry
    Of sending rhymes ,anecdotes and photos
    Of awesome stuff
    Via the airwaves to all of us
    Who wait eagerly for the next addition to the
    Korns saga Africa ..Niger chapter.


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