Mom and Dad in Niger!


My mom and dad got here on Josh’s birthday so we went to an Indian restaurant to celebrate.

At Indian restaurant for Josh’s birthday
Very spicy food! Josh wouldn’t have it any other way.
We went to an artisan village about 15 minutes away from our house.

Wadata Artisan Village


Dyeing leather

We stopped by the hospital to see Josh. These kids come visit Josh in his office every day.

At the hospital. Josh being silly with the kids.

Sunday morning, on our way to church.

In our front yard.


Dad speaking at a local church. The pastor translating into Hausa. Josh translating into French.


The kids loved mom!

Sunday afternoon, we went to a restaurant that has a nice pool. As long as you order food, you can swim!

Josh and dad having Nigerien beer


Of course, giraffes on the label!


beautiful pool


Nigerien pool-side chair 🙂

Went to the market to buy fruit and vegetables, and stopped at the shoe repair man.

Mom's sandal strap broke in the middle of the market. A little boy saw us trying to figure out what to do and directed us to a shoe repair man in his little stall in the market. While he was fixing her shoe, he gave her a little pallete to rest her foot on. 🙂

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15 Responses to Mom and Dad in Niger!

  1. It look like you’re having so much fun! I love all the pictures!

    • It is so cool to show my parents all the places and things we’ve been experiencing for the last month and a half… and seeing their reactions to it all! I’ll post more pictures soon. 🙂

  2. Kay Cass says:

    Julie, I look forward to each of your blogs–it is so interesting to see where you are living now. It is an extra bonus having your Mom and Dad in the pictures. Tell them hi from us.

  3. Sarah Owen, mother of Melody, Saliima, and Yasmiin from the Old City says:

    It’s wonderful that your parents came to visit you – that’s great! Also, I have enjoyed reading all your postings so far. Thanks! Sarah

  4. Fun! Love all the pictures!

  5. Danny Kopp says:

    How fortunate for the company that bière rhymes with Niger

  6. ronit kory says:

    i love the beer bottle!!! whenever you guys come back, i want one. in america they’d be accused of marketing to minors with those cute giraffes.

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