Mom and Dad visiting CURE

Josh doing devotions

Mom with Adamma

Adamma was burned so badly on her hand that the skin was not growing back. The doctors sewed her hand to her stomach so new skin would be grafted. Once the skin started forming, they were able to separate her hand from her stomach. She is smiling so much more now as she recovers. And what a beautiful smile she has!

The day after a cleft lip operation

This little boy’s arms are bandaged with splints to prevent him from picking at the stitches after his cleft lip operation.

Josh and Issa

Issa, an orphan living on the streets, heard about CURE after severely burning his foot. He will be released tomorrow. CURE is helping him get into a vocational school as he expressed a desire to become a carpenter.


Five year old Hamani recovering from his operations.

Josh and Mahamadou

Chris blowing bubbles for the kids

Chris blowing bubbles for the kids

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2 Responses to Mom and Dad visiting CURE

  1. Irma says:

    What fantastic pictures!!! You two are on such an amazing journey together – and YAY for mom and dad visiting šŸ˜€ ā¤ šŸ˜€

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