Nigerien Turkey Time

Turkeys for the kids

"Need I say more?"

Thanks to Eva for the crepe paper and construction paper!

plates and napkins from my dear Korn, Arington, and Fields family!

Homemade dessert plates πŸ™‚

lots of cooking!

With our shipment still sitting at the port in Benin, we made do with what we had in a sparsely furnished house to celebrate this Thanksgiving. Thankfully, we were able to borrow some extra pots and pans, tables and chairs, and silverware.

We have some serious leftovers!

This would not have been possible without my amazing mom and CURE friends!

Becca and Maika



the whole gang

Ben and Drew were good sports, sitting on a makeshift chair (a cooler) together.

Dr. Gary, Maika, Angele, Dad, Leron, Elina, Anne, Naiva

cutting pies!

Josh makes a great jungle gym

Kids love to attack Josh πŸ™‚

The boys

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16 Responses to Nigerien Turkey Time

  1. Tamira Korn says:

    Love it

  2. The Turkey Cookies are awesome! Julz, you never fail to impress with your party throwing skills! Miss you!

  3. Annika says:

    Aww you guys look like you had so much fun! Miss and love you all!!

  4. dania says:

    that’s it, julie. i need you here for christmas!!!

  5. Looks like a great time with much to for which to be thankful. Thanks for adding me to your mailing list. Josh, your poem and blog about Bob, your Grandfather, were wonderful! I am tearing up even while writing this; it was a fitting tribute and celebration of Bobl’s life. Your words and sentiment touched all of our hearts. Love & Prayers, Carol

  6. I love those Turkey candy/cookies…they’re too cute. I’m starting to have flashbacks of your candy addiction at Gordon! πŸ˜‰

  7. Savannah Fields says:

    Every time I look at your photos or read your blogs I have such a deep desire to go to the 3rd world again. Be careful once it gets in your blood it never goes away πŸ˜‰ I would never want it to either! Looks like you all had a blast. Your decorating skills a impressive! Thanks for the carmel corn recipe, it was a major hit the other night. I love you both

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