While my parents were here, we went to see one of the last remaining herds of wild giraffes in West Africa. We had a guide take us through the very bumpy, sandy terrain. Thank God for 4 wheel drive!

They put the huts on stilts to store grain and to keep the animals from getting into it.

Family portrait 🙂

so cute!

Termite hill. Definitely the biggest one I've ever seen (or climbed on).

A chameleon making it's way across the road when it saw us and froze in it's tracks!

3 Baby giraffes - the guide told us that they were not even 2 months old yet!

My mom stepped on a thorn that went straight into her foot.. it was a good 2 inches! The giraffes eat those crazy plants with all those thorns! :-0

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4 Responses to Giraffes

  1. Now if Liz was wearing her heels, the thorn would’ve never got her =)

    The Giraffes are so beautiful. It’s so hard to believe that those are one of the last remaining wild ones.

  2. Majki from Slovakia says:

    nice photo.

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