Harmattan Sunset

One evening, while my parents were here we decided to go to this little restaurant on the river. We rushed to get there by sunset. We made it in perfect time and took our pictures. We then sat down and ordered our food. We knew that it would take a while because it usually does here. So when an hour went by we figured, no big deal, it’s probably almost ready. But then another hour went by… and another… Yep! 3 hours. 🙂 Finally we decided to ask if we could be expecting our food any time soon. And the waiter said, “Yes, what would you like to order?” Somehow our order had gotten lost on it’s way to the kitchen. So we decided we’d go get some street-meat. And it’s delicious.. you can pull up to these little stands that are grilling on the side of the road and get chicken (which they thumb-tack to a cardboard wall), or lamb or beef. At least we got pictures with an awesome Harmattan sunset! THAT was definitely worth it!!

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4 Responses to Harmattan Sunset

  1. If I hadn’t been there I would say that background is fake!

  2. Rebekah Kosinski says:

    How sensational! You all look amazing… soaking up the scenery & the lurrve…
    Hugs galore! x

  3. Dad says:

    I will never forget that evening at the restaurant for, yes, many reasons. First of all, it was an outsanding setting by the Niger River from which the nation of Niger, and for that matter, Nigeria as well, receive their names. Being so close to the water you can expect mosquitoes and, of course, we weren’t disappointed – there were millions of them. I practiclly took a bath in mosquito spray and roll-on repellants because I was already a bit paranoid due to the malaria you had been infected with just two weeks earlier. Then, while we were waiting nearly 3 hours, I noticed boats moored to the shore which earlier we had plied those same waters looking for and finding a herd of hippopotami. I’ll never the maybe twelve year old that sailed with us for the sole purpose of keeping the canoe shaped boat afloat.  Every few minutes he had to bale out the water that was constantly seeping in. Since that restaurant/mini port was the very site where all those fun things happened.to us – who cares we had wait almost 3 hours – I’d gladly do it again, that is if we were with the same company we were with that night.

  4. Janetta says:

    Sooooooooooooooooooo gorgeous – I want to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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