Girls at Risk School

I had the privilege of visiting the Niger Vocational Training Center last week. It is a school for Nigerien girls, that offers them a chance at education and empowerment. Very often, girls here are married off as young as 12 years old. This school works on helping these girls develop skills that will be useful for them, and they work with the parents on agreeing with them that the girls will not be given away in marriage while they are in the program.

One of the teachers was leading a session on fear and anxiety and she used some art therapy tools to help the girls express their emotions. They keep a very interesting blog, and wrote about it here. Obviously, you should read it right now. Also, you should read their other posts. They are facinating. It’s an amazing organization and I am thrilled that I was able to meet and interact with these girls.

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4 Responses to Girls at Risk School

  1. Dad says:

    Keep up the good work Julz. Somebody has to protect these girls rights and future. I’m glad you are there for them and with you’re trainning find a new medium to express themselves.


  2. Tamira Korn says:

    I read all the schools blogs. What a great place. You are a great role model for those girls . Glad you connected with them.

  3. Nomi says:

    Makes me sad… but happy that someone is doing something about it. Any chance you might be able to work for/with them?

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