25 random things

Remember, a couple of years ago when everyone was writing “25 random things” about themselves on their Facebook? Well I recently went back and looked at mine. It’s really funny to see what I had to say about myself back then, almost exactly 3 years ago. Some things have changed (the niece/nephew count, my status as a student), but most of these still apply (I still love art therapy, candy, kids, and telling really long stories filled with trivial yet indispensible details).

I love it that number 4 on the list says that I hoped we’d be living somewhere in Africa in the next few years. And now it’s come true! I guess this also proves that number 15 is still true too.

25 random things

by Julia Kopp Korn on Friday, January 30, 2009 at 2:25pm

1. i love candy more than anything. i could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. oh wait- i already do.

2. ever since i graduated from college i knew i wanted to go into art therapy. i love studying it right now. i almost don’t want my masters to end.

3. it takes me a ridiculously long time to tell stories. but that’s because i love to give all the details, to paint the full picture for the person.

4. i hope that josh and i will be living somewhere in the heart of africa in the next few years.

5. i very much wish to adopt a child (or two) one day.

6. i love kids and i hope i will be working with kids for the rest of my life.

7. i have a severe case of “middle child syndrome”. 3 older siblings, and 3 younger.. i am very much in the middle.

8. i loved high school. college was hard.. being so far away from home.

9. i love the water. ocean, pool, lake, it doesn’t matter. i especially love swimming as far out in the ocean as i can and then diving down until i can’t reach the bottom.

10. baking is therapy for me. and knitting and crocheting.

11. my high school senior superlative was “most free spirited”

12. my parents were out to lunch with some friends when my mom was pregnant with me. right after they had ordered dessert, my mom’s water broke and they rushed to the hospital. i was her dessert 🙂

13. i get nightmares a lot. because i love watching scary movies.. and every time i have a nightmare, i swear to myself that i won’t watch another one again, but i always do..

14. i’ve had a concussion before. from a boy at the residential facility i worked at in boston. he did some karate chop move on me.

15. i love finding random connections and associations with numbers, dates, people, places, situations, etc.

16. i love throwing parties, but have been too busy with school to even think about such an idea.

17. i’ve almost died so many times! 😉

18. growing up, whenever my friends and i got whistled at or harassed by stupid guys on the street, i had no problem picking up a stone and throwing it at them.

19. nothing drives me more crazy than when things are uneven.. if one hands hot and one hand’s cold, or the same with my feet, ears, etc..

20. i have 8 really cute nieces and nephews.

21. i’m doing two internships right now that i love. one is at a psychiatric hospital, in the men’s ward where i work with a man with schizophrenia. the other is at a residential facility where i work with an 11 yr old boy.

22. i love my family and couldn’t imagine how i’d survive without them.

23. i love my friends and think i’m extremely lucky to have them in my life.

24. i love my husband more than anything in this world (even more than candy).

25. i should be studying.

Sugar cane: Africa's candy.

I love buying sugar cane. You can always find someone selling it on the street. You just pull over while you’re driving and buy as much as you want. The other day, I bought a whole 7 foot stick of it. Our guard laughed at me when we came home with it, but I gave him a big piece of it. I wasn’t going to eat it ALL by myself. It is so good!

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