Fish Monger

About every other week, a fish monger comes to our house with the catches of the day in a box that he carries on his head: Capitaine fish from the Niger River. You pay by the kilo and he guts and fillets the fish right there on the spot. I would have thought that the head and the bones would get thrown away, but here it’s considered a delicacy and is used to make fish sauce. Our guards enjoy taking it home. I have yet to try fish head sauce, but maybe I’ll learn how to do it.

He came by one time while my parents were here. My dad always finds a way to communicate with people, in spite of language barriers. He wanted to ask him how he catches the fish, wondering if he uses the traditional net or some other method. They were drawing pictures in the sand and using hand motions and my dad was able to figure out that they do use fishing nets.

There’s nothing like home delivery of fresh fish!

catch of the day

gutting and filleting the fish


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3 Responses to Fish Monger

  1. Liz Kopp says:

    And was it ever delectable!

  2. Sharona P says:

    Now, if someone can just delivery the rest of the groceries… 🙂

  3. Linda W says:

    I’ve been here 13 years and he is the only fish salesman I’ll buy from. I usually catch him by Azar’s near the French school!

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