Magic show

For the past 2 weeks, the hospital has been full of kids. We had a surgical camp which brought in patients from all over the country. Over 30 surgeries were done by a surgical team that came in from Switzerland. They had a few surgeons who specialized in plastic surgery to help with the cleft lip repairs, but also to help with a number of patients that had Noma. Noma is a disease caused by malnutrition, an infection that eats away at the face, leaving gaping holes, usually around the mouth or cheek. For the patients with Noma, the surgical procedure is pretty complicated, but the transformation on the kid’s faces was wonderful.

One of the surgeons is conveniently also a magician and at the end of the camp he put on a magic show for the kids. I don’t know what was more exciting, watching the magician or watching the kids watch the magician! Actually I do know what was most exciting: Seeing the transformed faces of these kids enjoying a fun production put on especially for them. Seeing their excitement was the biggest gift.

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3 Responses to Magic show

  1. Sharona says:


  2. Rebekah Kosinski says:

    These kiddos make me smile so much! Keep up the amazing work and we continue to enjoy all these updates……. love, R x x x

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