Hannatou is the hospital’s social worker. She is amazing with the patients and their families. She recently started a project which aims to teach them some practical skills. Twice a week she runs cooking, crafts, and sewing workshops for the patients and their families (mostly mothers and grandmothers). The goal is to teach the women how to cook/make things that they can benefit from and maybe even sell to earn a bit of money.

These workshops also give them something to do while they’re at the hospital. Some mothers and children have to stay at the hospital for weeks or months because they come from far away and if they went home it would be really hard for them to come back for their follow up appointments. A lot of the time, they just kind of sit around, so it is great seeing them getting involved in these different activities.

Yesterday we went to participate. It was fun learning how to make Massa, which is a millet based pancake kind of thing. It’s kind of sweet, but you can also eat it with curry powder.

Hannatou is a huge asset to CURE. This whole project was her idea. She wrote up a proposal and a budget, got it approved, started implementing it and it’s been a great success.

Making Massa

They're good!

Everyone had a turn

The gang

I need to get one of these pans

Sweet smile

Chris trying it out

Josh scooping out the last of the batter

Solange, Mariama, and me

bowls ready to be filled

Hannatou praying for the food

ready to eat!

Two boys, 3 casts

explaining how it's done

Malika came for a cleft lip operation, but she was too skinny (they have to be at least 10 kilos to undergo the operation). So they're keeping her at the hospital and feeding her well until she gains enough weight.

Hannatou demonstrating

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6 Responses to Massa

  1. Bon appetit! The photos are awesome!

  2. tamirann says:

    Great pictures and project !

  3. Ambreen says:

    the pictures are great! you’ll have to post a recipe 🙂

  4. Annika says:


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  6. Rebekah says:

    That massa pan is really nifty! You could do a dozen eggs, sunny-side up, in no time!

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