Kenya#1: Rosslyn Academy & Giraffe Center

We had such a great time in Kenya with the Minors. This is the first of 3 (or 4) posts about our trip. We got a tour of Rosslyn Academy. It was so fun to see where Sean and Gabe’s classes are, where Wes’ office is, and to see all the beautiful trees and greenery that surround the campus. It was funny because Wes and Dania were talking about how much greener it will become in the coming months, and to us, after coming from the desert, we were blown away by how green it was already…and were soaking it all in!

We went to a Giraffe center where we got to feed the animals, which I was so excited about. Check out our feeding techniques below 😉

spikey tree

Sean hugging the spikey tree.

Lots of flags.

I love how many swings there are on campus. A playground is not a playground without a swing.


Reading a sweet essay that Sean wrote about his mom (posted outside his classroom).

Wes showing the kids how to catch the little fish


Cuties from behind.

Little chapel.

Wes' office.

Smiley faces.

Silly faces.

The Giraffe Center.

Waiting for the giraffes to come.

Sean showin' some love.

Giraffe face lick #1

Giraffe face lick #2

Giraffe face lick #3

Giraffe face lick #4

Even the teddy bear was feeding them.

Giraffes have some serious eyelashes!

Love the pose.

There were turtles at the Giraffe center too.

playing a game at lunch

Three little ducklings.

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9 Responses to Kenya#1: Rosslyn Academy & Giraffe Center

  1. Stunning photos! Gorgeous kiddos! WE WANT MORE!!

  2. Eva says:

    Awesome pictures! Looks like you all had fun. Can’t wait to see more! Did you know we have the spikey trees here too? I just saw them at Hamat Gader recently.

  3. yael says:

    Love love love it!!! I’m with your mom on this one – MORE PLEASE!

  4. Nomi says:

    I don’t think they can get any cuter… and I can’t believe how blonde Yasmin is now!

  5. idiomasjanet says:

    Love the giraffe licks!!! Did you meet up with Robin Shea McGee? She works at Rosslyn (French teacher, I think) and went to Hóughton with Dalia and me.

  6. idiomasjanet says:

    Love the pictures of the giraffe licks! BTW, did you meet Robin Shea McGee? She teacher French at Rosslyn and went to Houghton at the same time as Dalia and me. Marlisa

  7. Orit says:

    Guys you are doing an amazing job setting the scene for me! I’m loving this!

  8. Mark Anthony says:

    Lots of fun!

  9. Sean Minor says:


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