Kenya #2: game park, mini golf, pizza making, RVA

We went to a game park and I now have decided that zebras are my new favorite animal. They’re so awesome and we saw so many! I can never hate referees again.

Zebra crossing.

Did you know that baby zebras are a lot lighter and extra fluffy?

Josh was not interested in these guys at all. He didn't want to get a matching scar on his leg from another monkey bite. 😉

Mini golf!

Josh showing Sean how to throw the dough in the air.

Up it goes...

Look how high!


Teddy Roosevelt was there for the school's dedication in 1909.

Love this. A cup tree.

Josh and Wes pointing to their home countries: Togo and Kenya.

Are they kidding with that view??


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4 Responses to Kenya #2: game park, mini golf, pizza making, RVA

  1. dania says:

    Amazing pictures, guys. So glad you have such a good camera. Unlike ours… =)

  2. yael says:

    These pictures make me want to cry! Also – is that sign at the top for real?!

  3. Tamar says:

    Wow. It’s so beautiful there! It must be like living at a holiday resort for the minors. And their kids get to go to school at home too. Amazing!

  4. Maureen says:

    Love the pictures! Missing Africa in a big way! See you all in a couple of weeks. Want to hear lots of stories in person over tea!

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