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Malika Hama has grown up at CURE. Malika first came to the CURE hospital when she was only a few months old. She was born in Niamey, with a cleft lip, so her mother Saley brought her to the hospital … Continue reading

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Sand dunes

A couple of weeks ago we went to some sand dunes a little ways from Niamey. It is amazing the difference between the city sand and the clean, untouched sand of the dunes. It was so soft, it felt like … Continue reading

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Around the hospital

Every day at the hospital is different. It is constantly changing as people come and go. It is always filled with new faces and familiar faces. There is always someone to meet, or someone to see again. It is also … Continue reading

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So THIS is what they call Harmattan.

I had just gotten home from the hospital when all of a sudden everything went dim. I thought to myself, “here goes the electricity…” but it didn’t go out. I heard a strange howling outside. I turned to look at … Continue reading

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Digging for a CURE

Husseini Elhadj Omarou was born with cleft lip. His twin brother, Hassane was also born with cleft lip. Hassane and Hussein are popular names for twins here in Niger. If you meet a Hassane or a Hussein, chances are they … Continue reading

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