Sand dunes

A couple of weeks ago we went to some sand dunes a little ways from Niamey. It is amazing the difference between the city sand and the clean, untouched sand of the dunes. It was so soft, it felt like powdered sugar, and it was so fine that it made its way into the most random crevices of our bodies! I was Q-tipping my sandy ears for a week afterwards! It happened to be extra windy that day so I’m pretty sure we ate more sand than food with our picnic. We didn’t exactly help in preventing the sand from getting everywhere as we rolled, jumped, flipped and tumbled down the hill! Some kids who lived nearby came to watch and were thoroughly intrigued by our wild antics. We stayed until the sun began to set and we could see the lights in the distance from the “Big city” of Niamey. Fun day in the sand!

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3 Responses to Sand dunes

  1. That is so fun! It is such a surprising workout to get to the top of sand dunes like that!

  2. Liz Kopp says:

    The colors are unreal!

  3. Marcia says:

    Beautiful~~I remember a story your grandpa Ozdinec told~~If a bird could transport every grain of sand from the earth to the moon, upon its accomplishment, eternity had just begun!

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