My art therapy room!

I am so thrilled to have a room where I’ll be able to work with the kids at the hospital. At first we weren’t sure if there would be a room available, but then Leron remembered that there was a room that had been used for storage, which he said I could use. When I saw it, I nearly screamed. I thought it was just perfect. The last couple of weeks, I’ve been getting stuff together and buying supplies and paints to get started on making the room an inviting space for kids. I’m always reminded how differently things work here when I set out to get something done. It’s not like there’s a one-stop shop like Home Depot where you can get all you’d ever dreamed of! πŸ˜‰

Firstly, I needed paints, paintbrushes, turpentine, etc. I went to a few different “stores” (which could more accurately be called shacks) and eventually rounded up everything I needed. I found a sheet of metal at a scrap yard, which was perfect for my magnet board. I had a welder make a bar for me to go on my tree on the wall. It has all come together and I’m excited about all the art that the kids will create here.

The bar the welder made for me.

Lots of paint.

I painted oatmeal and powdered milk cans to be hung on the “tree branch” for art supplies.

It is very easy to find chalkboard paint here, which I had never heard of before. Schools across Africa use chalkboard paint, which they paint directly on to their brick or cement classroom walls. I was very excited to paint a chalkboard on my wall!

Painting the tree branch.

A little chubby hippo. Josh told me I needed to be sure to make him chubby enough.

All done!

The closet with the art supplies!

Cans with different coloring utensils right above the desk.

I got some art supplies in Jerusalem and some here. Thanks to Christine Lehman for raiding her arts and crafts stash and giving me lots of it! I am excited to get even more supplies in the States this summer!

Josh wanted his picture taken with the hippo. (I’m serious).

He also wanted his picture taken with the owl.

Picture taken from the front door.

Cute window.

I wanted a metal sheet to paint and hang on the wall to be used as a magnetic board. We found one in the Marche that was a leftover scrap. I will be buying magnetic sheets in the States and making cut out animals, people, scenes, etc. to be used as an interactive magnetic board!

Magnets on the magnetic board.

Youssoufou came by yesterday and he really wanted his picture with the hippo and the lamp shade! πŸ˜‰

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23 Responses to My art therapy room!

  1. Laura Blystra says:

    Adorable room! Love it. Blessings on all the work you will do in there.

  2. Eva says:

    Are you kidding me!!! You are one of the most talented and creative people I know! The room is tooo cute. I absolutely love everything about it! I’m so glad you got the curtains to inspire you, it really came out beautiful! Good work Julie! Now it’s time to see how the kids like it!

  3. Kim says:

    Absolutely charming! It radiates joy and fun. Can’t wait to hear about your experiences with the kids.

  4. yael says:

    Julie! I love it! Makes me want to do some art therapy with you…

  5. Rebekah Kosinski says:

    Well done Julie – your Art Therapy room looks amazing!!!!… May you and your students enjoy wonderful times ahead & plenty inspiration!

  6. Heather Drake says:

    Incredible- now we know what to put in boxes and send to you…….we are blessed to see how God is bringing healing through you……

    The LORD said to Moses, ‘See, I have called by name Bezalel the son of Uri, son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah, and I have filled him with the Spirit of God, with ability and intelligence, with knowledge and all craftsmanship, to devise artistic designs, to work in gold, silver, and bronze, in cutting stones for setting, and in carving wood, to work in every craft.'” (Exodus 31:1-5)

    The Lord called Bezalel by name and filled him with the Spirit of God, ability, intelligence, knowledge, and craftsmanship, why? To make art to the glory of God!

    God called His people out of Egypt, and He gave them everything they needed. Manna from heaven, water from a rock, and rules to live and thrive and worship by. He gave them a tent of meeting, drenched in symbolism, mysteries hinting at the beauty of His plan.

    God called His people out of Egypt, and He gave them everything they needed.

    He gave them an artist.

  7. Marcia says:

    Every child shall love that room!! And also every adult!!

  8. Kay Cass says:

    Wow Julie! What a magnificent room you created from the storage room. It is beautiful, fun and inviting. Everyone who enters there will see how much you love them. I think the adults will want to be there as much as the children. There will be so many good things happen in the hearts of the children there–they will never forget that place, or you. May God bless you and the work you do for HIs kingdom.

  9. Elizabeth Schweizer says:

    Julie this is fantastic!!!! You possess remarkable talent.

  10. Mark Anthony says:

    So awesome! I just showed Erin the pictures and we thought it was so cool because she’s making her play therapy room right now! We also are collecting paper towel rolls and stuff for toys. I thought the tree branch was really cool too… and the hippo.

  11. Sharona Pong says:

    You are a rock star Julie! How do I make an appointment? πŸ˜‰
    Love you sweetie!

  12. I love the Hippos expression! The whole room looks so amazing. Congrats!

  13. love all the colors!

  14. Alana Karsch says:

    Congratulations! I remember when I got my first art therapy room–I was in heaven!! Love how you’ve decorated it–creativity will blossom in such an inspiring space.

  15. joew says:

    FABULOUS!!!! wish my g-kids were there with you all! Keep up the good Work!

  16. Flamezgeek says:

    Amazing work, creative ideas and great talent.

  17. Adele Perlov says:

    Amazing, Julie! What a terrific setting for kids. Looking forward to seeing photos of the room in full use; Youssoufou’s smile is surely just the first.

  18. Veronika Weiner says:

    Ya Julie this is just great! And how your hair has grown! I wish I could be a child again and enjoy this room and what’s going on in it. By the way, concerning shopping certain things I learnt in Jordan not to search for something special in a certain place, but just go around, look what there is and with a creative mind set you’ll find things which even would not be available in US.

  19. Brenda Herzberg says:

    It’s amazing, inviting, delightful, full of colour, life and love … like you and Josh, come to think of it.

  20. I love what good use you’ve made of what was available to you. Truly the spirit of creativity. Can’t wait to hear more about the work you do!

  21. Nomi PB says:

    Only seeing this now, I love it!

  22. Next time you come home, you have to paint one of those trees and hippos in the kids room!

  23. akutdoktorn says:

    Wow! This post is the best promotion for art therapy I have ever seen. You can just feel how being in this environment speeds up the heeling process and makes your little patients and their families more motivated.

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