Music therapy!

There are so many ways to connect with the kids at the hospital. Mikael said he’d love to come and do something with them. We told him that any kind of interaction at all is very well received and so appreciated. He decided to bring his guitar.

The kids had a blast! First, Mikael played some songs while everyone listened in. Then kids began to gather around Mikael and each one started taking turns strumming the guitar, while he played the chords. They were so excited to be playing music. Some of the kids were so into the beat and rhythm that they couldn’t help but shake their little hips and sway from side to side. It was too cute.

One little girl who was at the hospital for a consultation because she can’t walk, crawled over to play the guitar too. She had the biggest smile on her face the entire time. At one point, there were several kids surrounding Mikael who wanted to play, so he flipped the guitar over and they all beat the guitar like a drum.

That’s what I call music therapy!

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4 Responses to Music therapy!

  1. Batya says:

    Julie, Has anyone tracked the kids who spent time at the hospital to see how and where they wound up?

  2. Sarah Owen says:

    I have done this so many times with the well children I have taken care of through the years….I can picture this happening so easily…that’s great! I know they love it! God bless you all! Kids love percussion instruments, like egg shakers, wood blocks, bells, wood sticks, hollow bamboo sticks, coconut shells halved, sandpaper blocks to slide together, beans in a can or in an oatmeal container, (or use dry rice or popcorn kernels), tamberines…I’ve seen shakers in the shape of fruits and veggies at a local music shop…there are so many possibilities! You could punch holes in paper or plastic plates. sew them together with yarn, and decorate with colorful ribbons, with beans inside for shakers. I’m going now to Charlotte to visit my grand daughter who has a basketful of percussion instruments that we play with and some tabblees, (drums), Yasmiin’s daughter, Sienna Wren, 3. Better get going, see you later!

  3. Laura Blystra says:

    Every single blog post makes me want to visit you more and more! Seriously, I love what you guys are doing. Thank you for your faithfulness to these kids.

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