Music Therapy – Slovak Style!

I am beyond ecstatic to have my parents here again. They came at exactly this time last year. And last year, before they took their trip out here, my dad said, “Liz, you have to take your accordion with you to play for the kids at the hospital.” My mom kind of laughed it off. He tried his best to convince her, but she had some valid reasons why she thought it was a bad idea. For example, it’s massive, weighs a ton, and it would have used up her alloted luggage space! So this year my dad was still set on the idea and devised a fabulous plan. He contacted everyone he knew, as well as the broader community grapevine email system with a very specific request. He asked if anyone had a smaller (80 bass) accordion they’d be willing to sell or trade for another instrument. Sure enough, someone responded that same day! My parents met the couple and ended up exchanging my dad’s trombone for their perfect, hand luggage size accordion.

Shortly after, they were on their way to Niger with the new little accordion for my mom to play at the hospital for the patients, their families, and the staff. They absolutely loved it! The kids even got to press on the keys and buttons as my mom did the bellow action. Not only did the kids enjoy it, but the hospital staff got in on the fun as well. Some of them had never seen the instrument before and someone asked if it was battery opperated.

Every single child, no matter how shy or reserved was so excited about getting to participate in some fun musical activity. The music filled the air and echoed through the clay walls and there was not a face left unsmiling.

Music is a powerful tool, that is for sure. But my mom has a way with people like no one else I know. It was a beautiful thing to see the combination work it’s healing.











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6 Responses to Music Therapy – Slovak Style!

  1. Anni says:

    LOVE IT!!!

  2. Linda Watt says:

    Some churches use accordions and in Benin they are especially popular in the churches! You see less and less here these days as most have small keyboards instead.

  3. Deb. says:

    Can I book her now for a concert at Galmi next year?

  4. Janetta says:

    These pictures are priceless………..thanks for sharing. Liz, that “minnie me” accordian is so adoreable perfect for trips…..the story behind it is special. Just curious, does it have a different sound than the larger ones? Keep up the good work all of you!! Love you guys!!

  5. So wonderful! Please take a little video the next time you play at the hospital. It would be so nice to hear the music and the reactions!

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