Mango Season!

We are currently in the midst of hot season, and the hot season in Niger is pretty intense.  It is really hot, all the time, from the morning until night, and after a while it starts to make you crazy. It is hard to even get through the day sometimes, because you wake up in the morning and it is already really hot and you want to have coffee, but it feels too hot to have coffee, but you have it anyway and you start sweating by 6:00 AM, and the electricity goes out all the time, and you know that tomorrow will be more of the same. And so will the next day, etc.

But there is a silver lining – yes, the hot season brings with it many difficulties, but it also heralds the arrival of one of my favorite things in life: Mangoes!

They are everywhere this time of year, in all shapes and sizes. They are sold on almost every street, and you can find them piled high in little stalls and rolling along on wheelbarrows and carts.

I’m especially thinking of my dad today because it’s his birthday and he’s the one who taught me to love fruit so much, especially mangoes!




Josh and Leon buying mangoes.ygiy

Mango cart

Mango cart

There is a variety of different techniques for mango-eating. In the following series of photos, Leon will demonstrate a number of them. It should be noted that mango-eating is an extremely personal endeavor; it is more of an art than a science, and there is no wrong way to eat a mango – as long as the juices drip down to your elbows and cover the entirety of your torso.




Roll it like a burrito




No hands!


All done!

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11 Responses to Mango Season!

  1. Beth B. says:

    What’s not to love about seeing your little guy enjoy that mango! 🙂

  2. Veronika Weiner says:

    Thanks for this very picturesque advice, feel the special taste already in my mouth. Sahten ya Leon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Linda Watt says:

    Great to see Leon enjoying life so much! If we could just enjoy Jesus as much as he enjoys his mango!

  4. Eva says:

    Love it! Mangoes are the best, especially when you get the right ones! Is there anyway you can save some for us? I wouldn’t mind a mango eating competition with Leo!

  5. Deb. says:

    He’s AWESOME!!! We’re still waiting on the big ones to make their way to Galmi . . . glad to have found some better ways to enjoy them than what I’ve been doing . . . silly knife and fork! 🙂

  6. Jamie says:

    Yum! Leon has all the right mango eating techniques!

  7. Laura Blystra says:

    Leon, you are my kind of man! Mangos are my fav, too!

  8. Janetta says:

    What a special tribute to your Dad…………….that’s been status quo with him from the start…….I remember watching him with Dalia and Sharona in Beit Jala and how important it was to him for them to eat healthy (shemen was a big one too) 🙂 even if it took forcing it in their mouth and smooshing it all over their face lol……………great tradition to follow and what better fruit than mangoes………..the pictures of Leon are priceless…….thanks for sharing……… you guys ❤

  9. Stan and Molly Doland says:

    I agree with your dad and Laura; mangos have always been my favorite fruit and I look forward to mango season in Israel with much anticipation though I am still enjoying the fruits of my freezer where I still have several mango servings to enjoy. Thanks Leon, I never thought about mango facials! Both Stan and I enjoyed the Leon mango pictures. What a cutie! Molly

  10. That does it! His adorable cuteness makes one want to gobble him up with his mangos!

  11. Kathy says:

    Oh so true, LIz! Thank you for sharing, Julie! He is adorable!

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