Women’s Day

We recently celebrated Women’s Day at the hospital. As is tradition at the hospital, all the women get a matching pagne (the fabric they make their clothes out of) and they go get their own outfit made especially for the Women’s Day celebration. They get together and all help cook a meal together. We had pintade (guinea fowl) in a delicious sauce with french fries, and of course piment (spicy sauce). It was really fun to get to participate in it, and to have an outfit made. I am always struck by how kind and welcoming our staff is, and it was great just hanging out together.

Here at the hospital (and everywhere else for that matter), women do so much work – so it was really nice to have a day to honor women and to celebrate them. Even though Leon is a boy, he was allowed to join us, and did his best to steal the show. Here are some pictures:


Preparing the food


Cooking the food


French fries!


Leon with Hajira, the pharmacist


Josslin, the receptionist and Angele, the head nurse



Hanging out before lunch


Josh taking a picture of us taking a picture of Leon. Leon loves to pose when he sees a camera


Leon loves fries


Hannatou teaching me how to wrap my head


I think Leon was laughing at me in the head wrap




You always say, “Bonne digestion” to someone after they’ve finished a meal


with Aichatou

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4 Responses to Women’s Day

  1. Eva says:

    Love the material that you all were wearing! And the hear wrap really suits you!

  2. Naomi says:

    Love the photos! so good to see some familiar faces 🙂 I would have loved the entire experience bar the piment…

  3. Pam Telman says:

    thank you for sharing your life with us!

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