Clinic Olivia

For awhile now I have been talking with Dr. Susan Beebout, from the Clinic Olivia here in Niamey, about coming and doing some kind of mural on their walls of their new clinic. But when I realized that my sister-in-law Jessica was going to be coming for a visit, I thought it would be a great opportunity for us to work on something together.

Dr. Beebout and her family are really great, and they do amazing work at the Clinic Olivia, providing excellent healthcare for those who really need it. Dr. Beebout also teaches at the medical school here in Niamey. You can read about it on their blog. Jessica and I met with Dr. Beebout to talk about the painting, and we tossed around some ideas. In the end we decided to do a decorative trim in the waiting room, and she gave us a quilt made from a pagne that she likes, so we sort of drew inspiration from it and came up with our own design.

It was a lot of fun working on it together with Jessica (even though it was hot!), and I am so thankful for the opportunity to make the (already beautiful) clinic a little more inviting. Here are some pictures:


Sketching it out.


The Beebout girls gave us great advice and they even sang for us while we worked.



Mixing the paint.








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5 Responses to Clinic Olivia

  1. Deb. says:

    LOVE IT!!! When can you come to Galmi to do my gym?? 🙂

  2. Janetta says:

    Excellent work ladies………love it!!!! Julie, Jessica reminds me so much of Sharona 🙂

  3. charles kopp says:

    I love how you made the project a team effort with Jessica Korn. I wish I could have heard the good doctor’s girls serenade you, suppyling the inspiration while you both applied the colors from out of everything that makes you who you are – the mixture of African and everything else you are that has informed and influenced your aritstic experience. I love how the doctor who treated little Leon asked you if you wanted to pay the local half price fee or the interntantional fee of $5.00 because Leon can now easily fit into both communities. And if the above is not enough of an endorsement of a warm hearted pediatrician, the fact that she had a hand in saving his little life with the additional care and free vitamins she gave him his first day with you would have been enough.


  4. Love how you two combined the existing colors on the walls with the ‘pagne’ motif. Just wish we could hear the Beebout sisters singing!

  5. Sarah Owen says:

    What fun for you and your friend and the patients! One part looks like sections of a bead necklace. Hey, I do some crayon, chalk, and watercolor art with the 3 year old I care for, plus she loves using stickers, like all children. Does anyone send you stickers to use?

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