Leon’s 2nd Birthday

We didn’t celebrate Independence Day this weekend, but we DID celebrate Leon’s birthday! He doesn’t turn two until the 19th, but some dear friends will be on holiday later in the month, so we decided it would be best to have his party early. We had such a great time and Leon loved having people all over the house. He didn’t realize the celebration was all about him… until we pulled out the cake and sang Happy Birthday to him. It was the cutest thing. He was acting shy, by burying his head into Josh’s chest every once in a while, but then kept looking up to watch everyone sing to him. He was trying to act modest, but he loved every second of it. He also knew the cake was for him because it was a giraffe. He believes that anything “giraffe” is most certainly his. He has been crazy about giraffes forever. I’m thankful that this is the animal that he’s chosen to love above all else since Niger is known for their wild giraffes. Josh and I were actually counting the amount of times we’ve been out to see the giraffes (about an hour drive outside the city) and we came to about 15. Leon has been maybe 6 or 7 times. He most likely only remembers going about 3 or 4 times. I’m glad we can take him to see his favorite animal out in the wild!

Back to the party… the awesome giraffe cake was made by the master-cake-maker, Renee. She not only made Leon’s cake, but she made it when she was in the midst of packing her whole family to move back to Canada. They left about a month ago, so we put it in the deep freezer and pulled it out on the day of the party and it was good to go! The beautiful decorations were from my dear friend, Laura who ordered them from the States, which her family brought to her in Israel so that she could bring them to us in Niger!

For the meal, we decided to go Nigerien-style and do a stuffed lamb Mechoui. It was so delicious, and Leon loved it. He kept calling it “chicken” and taking huge bites.

































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6 Responses to Leon’s 2nd Birthday

  1. Eva says:

    Happy Birthday Leon! Such a cute party and an awesome cake!

  2. WHAT AN AWESOME PARTY AND DECORATIONS!! So hated not to be there!! Love seeing all the pictures of Leon and friends (big & small) enjoying very aspect of the party! You can thank me for his attraction to giraffes! When I babysitting him, I used his stuffed giraffe to prop up his bottle during the night!

  3. Chris says:

    Melts my heart!!!! I LOVE giraffes too….so many great memories of Koure!I can not believe that Leon is going to be 2! What a light and a joy he is! You and Josh were just beaming. Thanks for posting so many pictures. Wish we could have been part of the celebration. Julie, you can REALLY throw a great party. Love to you all!

  4. Batya Dashefsky says:

    Happy birthday Leon!

  5. Connie Haus says:

    Great pics of a great party! Leon looks to be a winner … must met him some day! 🙂 Happy Birthday Leon!!!

  6. Midge Blatt says:

    This party looks like so much fun, I especially love all the clever giraffe decorations! I know they took a lot of time and love to create but Leon will have happy memories from the photos all of his life. I also loved that everyone was barefoot as I’m in my 70’s and most of my life, until the last few years, I went barefoot whenever possible. Happy Birthday, precious Leon, thank you for sharing your joy with us! 🙂 ❤

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