Milestones for CURE Niger


As we reach the end of 2015, it is a good time to look back and reflect on some of the accomplishments achieved over the past year. In the past few months, we have reached some important milestones at the hospital:

In December, we performed our 700th surgery for the year, a new record for CURE Niger. In 2014 we preformed 627 surgeries and we will end 2015 with around 720, so this is a significant increase. In addition to the dedication and hard work of surgical staff, this increase is also due to the fact that we were able to benefit from a number of different visiting surgeons this year, from other CURE facilities, and from elsewhere. We want to thank them all for their contribution to our success.

In December we also performed our 3,000th surgery in our hospital since we opened our doors in October, 2010.

Finally, in November, the Clubfoot program treated their 1,000th patient since the program started in Niger. Among those 1,000 patients, 380 were girls and 620 were boys, and in all 1,602 feet were healed.

This means that all together, CURE has changed more than 4,000 lives since establishing a presence in Niger 5 years ago. When you include the friends and family members that have been impacted by the healing they have witnessed, and the love of God they have experienced at our hospital, the number is actually much higher. This is a great achievement, and we are very proud – it is worthy of celebration,  however we know that all that we do and accomplish is ultimately due to God’s grace and mercy. To God the glory, our aspiration is to be instruments of healing in his hands.

May God continue to use us to accomplish his goals for his Kingdom, and to bring his healing to the people of Niger.

Happy New Year!



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2 Responses to Milestones for CURE Niger

  1. heart4healingniger says:

    PTL!! When I was working in Danja (2012-2015) I had the impression that CURE was very well established – I had no idea it was so young! Just goes to show the solid presence and great impact it had even from early days. Praying for many great years ahead.

  2. Charles Kopp says:

    Your work at CURE never ceases to amaze me. I know it would not be possible without the dedicated and the high caliber, professional staff you attract and are blessed with year in and year out. In the New Testament the short book of James states so susinctly that: “Faith without works is dead”. Thank God your faith is alive and well. There is no telling how many young people’s hearts and minds are being changed even now. I believe one act of kindness and mercy done the right spirit is enough to turn around a hardened yet impressionable youth that has fallen prey to radical proponents of hate and death and give a whole new world view and a fresh perspective when done out of the faith that James talks about.

    Jamestalks aboutpure motives

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