My Arms

Leon is still trying to figure out his story. Although we talk openly about how we got him when he was just a little baby, every once in a while he will ask if he came from my belly. We always tell him that he didn’t come from my belly but we prayed for a baby and God gave him to us. Last night at dinner, he asked, “Did God put me in your belly?” I said no and before I had time to explain any further, he said, “Oh! God put me in your arms!” With tears welling up in my eyes, I said “exactly! And I was the luckiest mama because God specifically chose to give you to me!”


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12 Responses to My Arms

  1. idiomasjanet says:

    Lovely! Thanks for sharing, Julie (from Marlisa)

  2. Eric Pillischer says:


  3. Connie Haus says:

    What beautiful insight!

  4. Liz Kopp says:

    OKAY! That’s an instant tear jerker!! He’s going to be writing your blogs for you pretty soon!

  5. Ashley Bishop says:

    That boy is so wise – and our good Father did put him in your arms. So beautiful!

  6. C’est magnifique ! Bravo Leon !
    C’est une révélation à ne jamais oublier et à garder précieusement dans vos coeurs.

  7. Chris says:

    And God knew exactly what he was doing….perfect arms. Love your sweet family arms and all….

  8. Sally Bergner says:

    That is very cool!! Made me cry! With my 4 adopted it was always ” You did not come from under my heart but in it.”

    Hope all is well with all of you, think of you often! Sally Bergner ________________________________

  9. Bonnie Leventry says:

    Words of wisdom, from the mouth of “babes”. So special for his parents to hear this and always remember it,especially as he grows older. (:

  10. Sarah Boakes says:

    God gives us perfect gifts always xxxxxxxx

  11. bnherzberg says:

    He is an amazing being. I was going to write ‘little being’ but he’s big in every way, especially his heart.

  12. Josa Bivin says:

    Sniff sniff, sighhhhhh


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